Kimele Persaud

I am a graduate student studying at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, working with Dr. Pernille Hemmer in the Priors and Memory Lab (Prime lab). Broadly, I am interested in the factors that influence visual working and long-term memory.

Investigating memory is important because it is a fundamental component in all aspects of human cognition and behavior. Although memory is vital, it is not yet fully understood how memory influences individuals’ interpretation and interactions with their environments.

As such, I employ naturalistic and arbitrary stimuli to evaluate the contribution of prior knowledge and expectations for the statistical regularities of the environment to episodic memory. I also use Bayesian and computational methods to characterize and evaluate memory.



-I am currently a digital associate editor on the Digital Content Editorial Team for the Psychonomic Society


-I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BS in Psych from Delaware State University (Hornets!).

-I was a double major in nursing and psychology until I learned that I would actually have to do nursing work (changing bed pans and giving needles – Yikes!)

-I love to dance and write Christian romance novels (hopeless romantic!)


-I married my high school sweetheart…two months before starting this insanely hectic life we call graduate school… and…I couldn’t be happier…on either front!!!!


My latest Psychonomic post just ran. Find it here!

I’ll be giving a poster at this year’s Annual Meeting of the Psychonomic Society in Vancouver, CA.